Frequently Asked Questions

While we are making porn, it’s a very specific type, unlike perhaps 90% of other porn out there. Our customers want to see two young people in love, make love. Common porn tropes are specifically what our customers don’t want. That means, no spitting, slapping, lame dirty talk, no big hair, high heels, fake moans (here’s a specific list of what we don’t do). Also, check out the images and sample videos on this site to get a feel for it. So while we encourage you to be enthusiastic, this is not the place to act out your fave porn moves.

We make two types of Girl-Boy shoots.

Production Girl-Boy shoots are where we fly the couple to our Shoot Producers in Amsterdam (Netherlands) or Barcelona (Spain), and make the shoot over two days, shot for stills and video.

Postcard Girl-Boy shoots are where the couple makes the shoot at home on their own (but with a lot of guidance and support from us).

There are several factors that affect how we decide what type of Girl-Boy shoot we make with a given couple, and the couple’s own preference is one of those factors.

For a Postcard girl-boy sex shoot, we pay €350 per person.

For a Production girl-boy sex shoot over two 5-hour days, we pay €750 per person – €1,500 to a couple (around US$1,700). For reals.

Seems “too good to be true”? It’s not. We do pay at the high end (and we’ve never heard anyone pay males as much as females!), but we have built a brand over the last 20+ years with many loyal customers who want exactly what we make. That’s win-win-win!

We’re a Dutch company, so we pay in Euro. Edit this Google search to see what our shoot fee is in your currency (you bank will convert it to your local currency when you receive the money from us).

You both must:

  • Be over 18 (with government-issued photo ID to prove it)
  • Genuinely enthusiastic about our project
  • Healthy
  • Speaking English well
  • Preferred to have no previous experience adult modelling
  • Preferred to have no (or, removable) body piercings (ears are fine)

Our shoots are mostly about the female model (our audience is mostly male), so – this is awkward! 😳 – we’re mostly concerned with how she looks.

She must:

  • Naturally female
  • 18 to 24 years old
  • Attractive and feminine
  • Have no tattoos (or very minimal)
  • Height-weight proportionate
  • Preferred to have no body modifications (eg, breast implants)
  • Preferred to have full pubic hair; underarm hair preferred

We do not have strict requirements for how men look, other than they must be over 18.

While we’re pretty inclusive, there are some attributes that are less-favorable to us.

Heavy tattooing, being severely over- or under-weight are the main issues, but the female being over our age preferences can also be an issue. We only make girl-boy shoots of cisgender people.

We want to capture two people in love, make love.

We can tell if you guys are trying to fake us out, but if you really appear like you’re really in love that’s good enough for us (but that means, of course, you prolly are in love! aww 😍 👫 😘 💖💍 🔔 💒  👰 🎊 🤰 👪 🤰👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ).

If you don’t currently have a suitable partner, this shoot is not for you right now. When you do have a partner, let us know, and we can talk about it then. No rush – we’ve been here for more than 20 years, so we can wait for you to find your Special One.

We do have opportunities for individual females to work with us – more info on our female model recruitment site. We’re not able to offer any work to single men, however.

If you’re in a polyamorous relationship, we should be able to work something out – let’s talk about it.

Actually, that’s perfect for us!

We’re not so in to making shoots of existing porn performers (that being said, we may be able to work something out – let us know). For newcomers, we’ll support you both each step of the way. Check out the How it works page for a step-by-step on the lead up to the shoot, and what happens on the Shoot days exactly.

Our Shoot Producers are experts in working with first-timers, to make sure they understand what’s going on and have plenty of input on the shoot days.

You sure can do stuff on your own – please see our individual female model recruitment site, www.femalephotofun.com!

We do not make shots of female models with random dudes.

No, we do not have any opportunities for individual men to make shoots with us. We only make shoots with men when they are with their real-life female partner.

If you’re from India, we have some special info for you, written by our CEO.

But you might be interested in helping us find models.

We electronically send the money to your bank accounts (sometimes called a “wire”, or “EFT”) the next business day after the shoot. We can send both models’ fees to one person’s bank account if you prefer.

We cannot offer PayPal (they do not allow transactions for “adult services”), or cash.

This answer mostly applies to both Postcard and Production girl-boy sex scenes.

In a Production shoot, we’ll capture you having sex twice, once on each day (Day 1, stills; Day 2, video). Both days are similar overall.

Generally, we want to film you guys having sex how you normally do, with some small variations to make sure our cameras can see what’s happening. Typically, there’d be lots of kissing and foreplay, giving and receiving oral sex on eachother, and penis-in-vagina sex. We might also propose some positions / activities for you guys to consider.

We’ll shoot everything in wide shots (that is, showing both your bodies) and for close-ups.

Our How it works page has a lot more detail on this – check it out.


First, you never have to do something you don’t want to do! It’s also possible that making a shoot with us is not right for you, and that’s fine.

There are a few basic requirements we have before we consider a shoot to be complete and models can be paid. In a nutshell, we need a usable shoot for the website. Requirements include:

  • Signed Release forms (and Contracts, if the shoot occurs in Netherlands)
  • A commitment from both models to make an excellent shoot
  • Passionate kissing
  • Giving and receiving oral sex
  • Penis-in-vagina sex
  • An orgasm for him for stills (Production type only)
  • An orgasm each for video

If there are specific things you don’t want to do – even if it’s on the list above – discuss it with us, and we’ll try to work something out.

Well, we like to think we’re quite different to “mainstream” porn, partly because we make shoots with real-life couples, but also because our style and approach is different. Some examples of common “tropes” and how we do it include:

    • Aggressive overtones
      • We work to cover a loving encounter. That does not mean it’s all butterflies and lace handkerchiefs! There’s plenty of hardcore passion.
    • Spitting and slapping
      • Licking his fingers, sure. Spitting on her pussy (or in her mouth!), not so much. We’re down with moderate (consensual) power-play, but we’re not a fetish site.
    • Shoot as many scenes in the shortest possible time, to save money
      • We do the opposite: One scene spread over two days, so it’s nice and relaxed.
    • Shoot in Los Angeles mansions; glass, tiles and steel
      • We’d prefer to shoot in your home, or if that’s not possible, outside in a park. Or someone else’s house that’s familiar and domestic.
    • Fake moans and groans
      • We encourage you to have sex the way you normally might. Those fake moans are sooo lame.
    • Fake boobs, fake eyelashes, makeup, 5” heels, ‘roided bro-dudes
      • Just regular people, dressed normally
    • Lame “scripts” (pizza delivery, plumber fixing a thing, etc)
      • We’ll set up a basic low-key premise that suits your style and habits. Maybe she’s reading a book on the couch, and he comes in after a shower? We’re going for more naturalistic situations.
    • “Blonde teen with massive tits gets smashed by huge cock!!”
      • “Angela and Ben have sex on the sofa.”
  • Pay models as little as possible; men 50% of women
    • We pay both models a high – and same – rate.

For Production shoots

For Production-type shoots, on Day 1, it’ll just be you guys and our Shoot Producer taking photographs. On Day 2, our Shoot Producer and their second-camera person (video is shot with two cameras) is present.

No one else will be present on-set.

Learn more about how the shoot day works.

For Postcard shoots

For Postcard-type shoots, it’ll just be you guys (in fact, it’s a requirement that you shoot this on your own).

We’ll edit the shoot together, and release it on our site abbywinters.com. It’s award winning and consistently rated as one of the best adult websites in the world for the last 21 years.

Customers pay a monthly fee (or a per-scene fee) to access.

Some parts of the shoot will be used to promote our site, on other sites. Most girl-boy shoots will appear on limited-release DVD’s in North America and Europe.

Possibly – you might have noticed, there’s a lot of videos of people having sex on the internet? 😉

While we run a “pay site” – meaning people have to pay to see the full scene – we will use some of your scene as promotional material to help us find new customers (so we can afford to pay you!).

Overall, it’s possible people will find out you’ve done this. If that would ruin your life / cause you to lose your job / something else bad, we recommend you do not do this because it cannot be “un done”.

But also consider, it’s something you want to do, that makes you happy, is a natural and loving thing to do… do you really want to work for a company or be friends with someone who’s against that?

Typically, there’s a month or two from when you apply, to when we make the shoot of you guys. It’s no problem to change your mind during that process.

Directly after the shoot, we have a five-day cooling-off period. You’d return the modelling fees, and we’ll destroy the shoot (and associated Release forms). Note this only applies to the first shoot a model makes with us, so if the female model has done some other shoots with us previously, the 5-day cooling off period won’t apply to this shoot.

After that – even if you break up – the shoot cannot be removed from the site. Other couples who made shoots with us but have since broken up have told us that while they’re no longer close, they still find the shoot of them in love at the time is nice to have. So there’s that.

For Production-type shoots

We have Shoot Producers around the world, but only some are qualified to make Girl-Boy shoots, and some Girl-Boy shoots you can make at home.

If you do not live in Barcelona, Spain or Amsterdam, Netherlands, we’ll fly you to one of those cities, from wherever you are in the world.

Once you’ve applied and been approved to shoot, you need to organise your passports and visas (at your expense, but we can provide advice). We’ll book the most direct and cost-effective flights. We’ll put you up in a nice AirBNB for the duration. Usually there’s a rest day after you arrive, and two shoot days.

We may be able to offer some additional shoots to the female model. Some couples use this free trip as an opportunity to explore Europe on their own, which is fine with us – we’ll book a return flight whenever you like (but only from the same city we flew you in to).

For Postcard-type shoots

Postcard type shoots are nominally shot in your own home, but there are some scenes shot outside as well – walking in a park, perhaps, or a picnic on some steps, camping, or similar.

No, once the shoot is made, we edit it then release it on our site. But, you get free access to the site, so you can check it out, and we’ll let you know when it’s live.

You can apply right here on our site, but you’ll need to both be at the same computer to do it.

Here’s what happens when you Apply:

  • Your application details are securely recorded in our Models Database
  • We make an initial assessment of your application – do you guys basically seem to be right for us?
  • Maybe we ask one of you for some more information that you did not supply originally (for example, contextual images of your tattoos)
  • We ask you to complete an informational questionnaire each;
    • This has some questions aimed at women only, and some assuming you’re applying for a solo modelling position. You can skip those bits.
    • We provide some info around “posing levels”, payment, show you the Release contract you’d need to sign
    • We ask you questions about you (for example, about your pubic hair, eye colour, etc)
    • This info is again securely stored in our Models Database
  • We organise a 20-minute phone call (at our expense) with each of you separately, where we answer your questions, and ask a few more questions, and we take notes.
  • You take some test shots of each other, that meet our requirements
  • Now we have gathered a bunch of info about you, we assess your suitability for our site
  • We let you know our decision

From then, check the How it works page.

Girl-boy shoots we make are mostly about the female model – our customers are mostly heterosexual men, and want to imagine having sex with the female model themselves.  When we shoot a scene we work to have as little of him on-screen as possible.

That being said, when two people have sex, it’s pretty much impossible to not show both of them! As a rough guide, about two-thirds of the scene will show mostly the female, and one third will show the male and female.

Our aim is to show the love between the couple from the female’s perspective, and his “reflected love” in her eyes. Perhaps this sounds a bit cold-and-calculating to you? Check out our girl-boy shoots and see how it looks. We reckon it’s actually pretty nice!

First up, to be clear, he is not expected to be rock hard for the entire 5-7 hours of each shoot day!

Not being able to get an erection when you want is officially called Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and can vary in severity. Certainly, having sex in an unusual place in front of others – with cameras – is enough to make anyone anxious! We do what we can to minimise that with a series of warm-ups before the shoot, and keeping the environment low-pressure and casual throughout.

If ED is often a problem for you, we encourage you to seek help from a doctor. There are some excellent options available.

On the day, if it comes up (sorry, couldn’t resist!), our policy is to try stopping recording and leave the couple alone for a while to work on the problem with no distractions. Or maybe it’s time for a meal break?

There are also options to continue the shoot and do some other stuff that does not involve an erect penis. We’re sure that you can think of something, and your Shoot Producer also has a plan for this.

Finally, if you expect this to be a problem, that’s a good reason to start with a Postcard type shoot, where you can take the whole thing at your own pace. Let us know, and we’ll work towards that.

Officially, this is called Premature Ejaculation (PE), and it’s a problem for us making shoots like this – not to mention for the couple themselves. As for ED (above), if this is a chronic problem for you there are some good solutions out there to help – speak to your doctor – don’t be shy, you deserve an awesome sex life!

During the shoot, it’s absolutely no problem to slow it down or pause entirely to reduce stimulation, but being conscious of when you’re close to the point-of-no-return is necessary for this to work. Might need some practise (tough job).

Depending on your refractory period (how long after an orgasm til you can get an erection again), a break may be all that’s necessary, and you’ll be somewhat desensitised as well so the next session you may be able to hold it for longer.

But, typically we’d just work on some other activities that do not require an erect penis (there’s plenty!), and re-try the erect-penis stuff later in the day. Or, we could stop the shoot there, and try again on the the video day tomorrow (shoot stills in the morning). That can get tricky, but Shoot Producers can be flexible like this usually.

If that’s what you guys normally do, that’s fine.

But generally we prefer the male cum inside the female’s vagina. Some cum will dribble out – that’s a common fetish our customers have! (charmingly called a “creampie”).

Anal sex is never required, but if you are both down, our customers love to see it!

Or just some light anal play on her is fine as well.


Here’s the thing… our customers pay us so we can pay you. We gotta make what customers want – essentially, a fantasy – and while there are some condom fetishists out there, the huge majority of our customers are not. Basically no one fantasises about having sex with a condom, right?

We’re all for safe sex, and we encourage couples to get a thorough STI test before their shoot if they normally use condoms for STI-transmission reasons.

From a birth-control perspective, we know that some women are unable to take oral contraceptives. No problem, there are several other options (including a patch, IUD, cervical cap, diaphragm, and injections) that might work. Some of these take time to organise, but there’s no rush from our side. We definitely recommend consulting your doctor.

Our rules on condom usage are strict, and are a “deal-breaker” for us. 😐


We’re making material for our customers and our fundamental goal is to show real people having sex they way they really do… but we have to balance that with satisfying most our customers (so they stay our customers!).

For example, we’re not a BDSM site, but some light BDSM play in some parts of the shoot is fine. But a whole shoot that’s BDSM-themed is not right for us.

There are also some things we’re ethically opposed to (violence-related sex is the main issue here), and safety issues to consider (you can’t be drunk or under the influence of recreational drugs).

Chat with us about it before the shoot, and we can likely come to a solution that suits you and us.

As described in the above FAQ answer, What happens after we apply?, there’s a process we go through so you learn more about us, while we learn more about you.

It’s all no-obligation, so we reckon you should just Apply to find out more. 🙂 If you decide it’s not for you at any stage, it’s no problem – we only want to make shoots with people who really want to celebrate their love with us, so there’s never any pressure.

But to learn more about us, you could:

You need to Apply together, we’ll make sure you’re right for us (and you need to make sure we’re right for you!), then we can schedule it in!

The female of the couple would likely be offered more paid work in Solo shoots, and in shoots with other female models – it’s up to her to choose to do this or not.

We only make one Production girl-boy shoot per couple (but if you break up and find new partners who’d like to make shoots with us, we can probably do that).

We may also choose to make a Postcard shoot of the same couple, but that depends on a few factors.


First, check this FAQ about the application process itself;

What happens after we apply?

Once we’ve onboarded you, we may offer her a Solo shoot first. This helps us get to know her, before we pay for fly and accommodate both of you to a city where we make the shoot.

This may not be a requirement, and like all the shoots we make, you choose if you want to participate or not. Refusing a Solo shoot for her may mean we cannot offer the girl-boy shoot right now for logistical reasons.