Where will the shoot take place?

We have Shoot Producers around the world, but only some are qualified to make Girl-Boy shoots, and some Girl-Boy shoots you can make at home.

If you do not live in Barcelona, Spain or Amsterdam, Netherlands, we’ll fly you to one of those cities, from wherever you are in the world.

Once you’ve applied and been approved to shoot, you need to organise your passports and visas (at your expense, but we can provide advice). We’ll book the most direct and cost-effective flights. We’ll put you up in a nice AirBNB for the duration. Usually there’s a rest day after you arrive, and two shoot days.

We may be able to offer some additional shoots to the female model. Some couples use this free trip as an opportunity to explore Europe on their own, which is fine with us – we’ll book a return flight whenever you like (but only from the same city we flew you in to).