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“The experience itself was very sexy. I remember being aroused at the thought of having sex for an audience. Everyone at AW was super welcoming, they congenialized what can otherwise be an awkward situation, and if I may be honest, being a young buck, I just sexualized the whole thing. ‘ I’m gettin’ paid to fuck and I’m surrounded by hot women? I think I got this.’ About the shoot itself, once we got going I didn’t really notice people being there as much as I felt the pressure to perform for an audience that I did not expect. I think we did a good job though, I still watch the video every once in a blue moon and I still think ‘Damn, that’s some mighty nice fuckin’. ” (Ben, Jan 2012)

Since the year 2000, abbywinters.com has been a leading producer of human-friendly erotica. We make scenes of women alone, with other women – and with their real-life boyfriends.

Our girl-boy shoots aim to show the reality of love-making, not the hyped up, aggressive style that is typical of mainstream porn (read more). But, it’s not only about the romance – you’ll really have P-I-V sex! We aim to show a balance, and help our customers experience a healthy and sexy act.

fucklikeyourebeingfilmed.com is the girl-boy couple recruitment department of abbywinters.com BV (more about us).

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What do we get paid?

We pay €750 per person - €1,500 to a couple (around US$1,700). For real. Read more on how and when you get paid.

What look are you seeking?

Our shoots are mostly about the female model (our customers are mostly male), so - awkward! - we’re mostly concerned with how she looks. Learn more about the requirements.

I have this fwb who’s down...?

We’re really seeking to capture two people in love, make love. We can tell if you guys are trying to fake us out, but if you really appear like you’re really in love that’s good enough for us. Learn more.

We’ve never done anything like this before… is that ok?

Actually, that’s perfect for us! We’re not so in to making shoots of existing porn performers (that being said, we may be able to work something out). We’ll support you each step of the way. Learn more about how we work with first-timers.

How does the shoot work?

In our Girl Boy shoots, you guys have sex and we film it, over two 6-hour days. On Day 1, we shoot the scene for stills, and on Day 2, we shoot the scene again for video. Read more about how the shoot days work.

How is this different to Tube sites?

Well, we like to think we’re quite different to “mainstream” porn, for these reasons: [Read more...]

What do we have to do in the scene?

We’ll capture you having sex twice (Day 1, stills; Day 2, video). Both days are similar. Generally, we want to film you having sex how you normally do, with some small variations to make sure our cameras can see what’s happening. Read more about the scene requirements.

Will other people find out?

You might have noticed, there’s a lot of videos of people having sex on the internet? 😉 While we run a “pay site” - meaning people have to pay to see the full scene - we will use some of your scene as promotional material to help us get customers (so we can afford to pay you!). Read more about people finding out.

Who will be there while we have sex?

On Day 1, it’ll just be you guys and our Shoot Producer taking photographs. On Day 2, our Shoot Producer and their second-camera person (video is shot with two cameras) is present. No one else will be present on-set.

What if we break up?

No problem to change your mind before the shoot. After the shoot, we have a five-day cooling off period - you return the modelling fees, and we destroy the shoot (and the Release forms). After that - even if you break up - the shoot cannot be removed from the site. More...

How do you use our shoot?

We’ll edit then release it on our site abbywinters.com. Customers pay a monthly fee (or a per-scene fee) to access. Also on DVD.

How many shoots can we make with you?

We only make one girl-boy shoot per couple. More on this.

Where will the shoot take place?

Barcelona Spain or Amsterdam, Netherlands. We’ll fly you there. More about how travelling for shoots works.

Can we wear masks or wigs?

Nooooo. Our customers want to see (all of) the real you; wigs and masks hide that.