What if we change our minds later – or we break up? ๐Ÿ’”

Typically, thereโ€™s a month or two from when you apply, to when we make the shoot of you guys. Itโ€™s no problem to change your mind during that process.

Directly after the shoot, we have a five-day cooling-off period. Youโ€™d return the modelling fees, and weโ€™ll destroy the shoot (and associated Release forms). Note this only applies to the first shoot a model makes with us, so if the female model has done some other shoots with us previously, the 5-day cooling off period won’t apply to this shoot.

After that – even if you break up – the shoot cannot be removed from the site. Other couples who made shoots with us but have since broken up have told us that while theyโ€™re no longer close, they still find the shoot of them in love at the time is nice to have. So thereโ€™s that.