Who will be there watching us have sex?

On Day 1, it’ll just be you guys and our Shoot Producer taking photographs. On Day 2, our Shoot Producer and their second-camera person (video is shot with two cameras) is present.

No one else will be present on-set.

The shooting with Giulia [Shoot Producer] was very good, she was very professional according to me, she really explained everything very well, she made us feel very comfortable. For my partner it was not the first time shooting so she looked more like trained, like ‘okay I know how it goes’ but for me, it was the first time. Giulia was making sure that I understood everything she presented a good relation towards as she made the atmosphere feel very very comfortable which was a great beginning at least for me or first experience so it was really nice. I really enjoyed the experience and the way Giulia dealt with it was really nice.” (Brian V, Nov 2022)
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