What happens after we apply?

You can apply right here on our site, but you’ll need to both be at the same computer to do it.

Here’s what happens when you Apply:

  • Your application details are securely recorded in our Models Database
  • We make an initial assessment of your application – do you guys basically seem to be right for us?
  • Maybe we ask one of you for some more information that you did not supply originally (for example, contextual images of your tattoos)
  • We ask you to complete an informational questionnaire each;
    • This has some questions aimed at women only, and some assuming you’re applying for a solo modelling position. You can skip those bits.
    • We provide some info around “posing levels”, payment, show you the Release contract you’d need to sign
    • We ask you questions about you (for example, about your pubic hair, eye colour, etc)
    • This info is again securely stored in our Models Database
  • We organise a 20-minute phone call (at our expense) with each of you separately, where we answer your questions, and ask a few more questions, and we take notes.
  • You take some test shots of each other, that meet our requirements
  • Now we have gathered a bunch of info about you, we assess your suitability for our site
  • We let you know our decision
  • We decide if the shoot will be a Postcard or Production

From then, check the How it works page.