We’re not convinced yet, we want to know more about you guys?

As described in the above FAQ answer, What happens after we apply?, there’s a process we go through so you learn more about us, while we learn more about you.

It’s all no-obligation, so we reckon you should just Apply to find out more. 🙂 If you decide it’s not for you at any stage, it’s no problem – we only want to make shoots with people who really want to celebrate their love with us, so there’s never any pressure.

But to learn more about us, you could:

If you are planning to apply as a couple, I would say  you have to be really sure of what you want to do, and that you really feel a certain excitement about it. Even if you are nervous it’s fine because not everybody is in front of a camera every day. Maybe try to fill your intimacy first to see if it’s really exciting for you. Even if it’s not the same because afterwards there is a third person. Also, to have very clear the communication with your partner, because I really think that if you do something so close to the privacy and intimacy of a couple, and you do it not sure, or maybe one is pushing a lot and you are just saying OK OK let’s do it, you want to comply with it, but finally you don’t really like it, would have very bad consequences in the long term. It should be the opposite, should be something pleasant for the couple.(Brian V, Nov 2022)