How fast / slow do we have to “get the job done”?

The Production Girl-Boy shoots we make are shot over two days – Day 1 is stills, and Day 2 is for video. Each day is usually 5 to 6 hours on-set.

No worries, that does not mean you’ll be actually having sex for 5 to 6 hours! There’s a lot of setup and preparation and chatting to make sure that when you are having sex, it’s in a way that’s comfortable for you, and can be captured by our cameras. So we’ll do some “play acting”, clothed, of some sex positions and check the light and camera angles, for example. We’ll spend time shooting a “premise” (some context for the shoot, showing the female model alone first, doing some kind of activity).

We’re aware that men’s penises don’t always cooperate at the best of times, and being on-set with others and lights and cameras and stop-starting is not always helpful for maintaining an erection – more info (conversely, coming too early can also be a problem – more info).

While we have a few techniques to use when that happens, spreading the work out over two days allows time for everyone  to take break and relax – there’s never any rush or pressure. The shoot days are guided entirely by the models’ preferences and readiness.

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