[boy] I’m worried I won’t be able to get it up at the right time?

First up, to be clear, he is not expected to be rock hard for the entire 5-7 hours of each shoot day!

Not being able to get an erection when you want is officially called Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and can vary in severity. Certainly, having sex in an unusual place in front of others – with cameras – is enough to make anyone anxious! We do what we can to minimise that with a series of warm-ups before the shoot, and keeping the environment low-pressure and casual throughout.

If ED is often a problem for you, we encourage you to seek help from a doctor. There are some excellent options available.

On the day, if it comes up (sorry, couldn’t resist!), our policy is to try stopping recording and leave the couple alone for a while to work on the problem with no distractions. Or maybe it’s time for a meal break?

There are also options to continue the shoot and do some other stuff that does not involve an erect penis. We’re sure that you can think of something, and your Shoot Producer also has a plan for this.

Finally, if you expect this to be a problem, that’s a good reason to start with a Postcard type shoot, where you can take the whole thing at your own pace. Let us know, and we’ll work towards that.