Can we use a condom? 👎🏻


Here’s the thing… our customers pay us so we can pay you. We gotta make what customers want – essentially, a fantasy – and while maybe there are some condom fetishists out there, the huge majority of our customers are not. Basically no one fantasises about having sex with a condom, right? 🤨

We’re all for safe sex, and we encourage couples to get a thorough STI test before their shoot if they normally use condoms for STI-transmission reasons. ⚕️

From a birth-control perspective, we know that some women are unable to take oral contraceptives. No problem, there are several other options (including a patch, IUD, cervical cap, diaphragm, and injections) that might work. Some of these take time to organise, but there’s no rush from our side. We definitely recommend consulting your doctor.

Our rules on condom usage are strict, and are a “deal-breaker” for us. 😐